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글로텍정신 코오롱글로텍의 기업정신을 소개합니다

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끊임없이 생각하고, 끊임없이 실행하며, 끊임없이 혁신하는 사람들
 글로텍 정신 2.0
끊임 없이 생각하라 - 바른 일을 올바르게 하자. 소통으로 답을 찾자.
끊임 없이 실행하라 - 시작한 일은 끝장을 보자.
끊임 없이 혁신하라 - 새로운 방식을 만들자

We, Kolon Glotech employees, constantly Think, Perform, and Innovate.

Glotech Spirit 2.0 [Constantly T.P.I] is the will of Kolon Glotech people for establishing the new organizational culture. To create [active performance-oriented culture actively responding to change], Glotech Spirit 2.0 adds the culture of innovation, creativity, and community on the existing Glotech Spirit 1.0’s basic philosophy of diligence and unyieldingness.

Glotech Spirit 2.0 [Constantly T.P.I] firmly believes that the key element for success lies in the continuous T.P.I process. We also believe that we can get closer to success in the process of thinking about problem solutions constantly and creating the new ways continuously.

글로텍 정신 1.0 - 투명하게일한다, 한발 앞서 일한다, 굴하지 않고 일한다, 다르게 일한다, 할수있다자세로 일한다

Formation of Kolon Glotech’s Unique Organizational Culture of Challenging Until Accomplishments

Glotech Spirit 1.0 was established in March 2006. After the large-scale merger in 2005, 12 business parts were integrated and it was necessary to arrange system responding to quantitative expansion and to overcome different organizational cultures. Also, it was necessary for Kolon Glotech to focus on creating a single complete company which fully shares the one value. Glotech Spirit 1.0 was established on such grounds.

Such Glotech Spirit 1.0 has been firmly settled as the core value of Kolon Glotech. It is completely internalized in every behavior of all executives and it plays significant role in creating Kolon Glotech’s unique organizational culture which aims on challenging until done. Glotech Spirit 1.0 served as the basis for accomplishing the remarkable sales performance of 1 trillion won in 2010.