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  • Car Seat Fabric
  • Car Mats
  • Artificial turf
  • Carpet

Kolon Glotech will provide the greatest satisfaction with an advanced challenge and a passion

KOLON GLOTECH places the highest priority on its customers’ trust and confidence, and confidence, and our company is leading the way many areas of business based on continuous change and innovation. We have a spirit of challenge and passion and strive always to offer better service to our satisfied customers

We promise to meet the highest quality and reliability

Based on our solid business philosophy, Kolon Glotech has various competitive advantages. While our high-quality products have led the industry, we have turned crises into opportunities by actively dealing with changes in the business environment. We will continue to look back on our past with pride, while continuing to maintain growth by looking toward the future with an innovative spirit.   In addition, Kolon Glotech has a flexible organizational culture based on trust and sincerity.

We challenge to be the No.1 global company with an open organizational culture.

We were able to achieve outstanding growth because our executives are always passionately involved in their roles and duties. We encourage all executives to think creatively, creating a working environment that all workers can be immersed in with passion. Based on our flexible business approach, Kolon Glotech will continue its endeavors to be a leading global company by supporting our dedicated employees in order to elicit their full potentials.

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