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'Sunday Academy' Supporting Education for Multicultural Families

Sunday Academy is a program for providing education on arts, music, PE, and major school subjects to children and parents of multicultural families every Sunday for improving their quality of life.

Kolon Glotech signed MOU on “Danuri Art, Music, PE Education Support Business” with immigrant support institute ‘Anyang Emmaus’ and Anyang Arts School. Sunday Academy opened up based on the MOU and it is differentiated from the previous 1:1 approach of donator-benefiter. Instead, the students of Anyang Arts School donate their talents by participating in the problem. Based on such system, Sunday Academy established three-dimensional social contribution of “Local Institute- Talent Donation- Company Sponsorship” effectively.

  • Study Room and Art, Music, and PE Class
    Sunday academy provides many classes such as Math, English, Art, and Music for children and students and also special classes for their parents on every Sunday. We also operate a biblio-therapy program for elementary school students to help cultivating positive emotions.

  • Parent Coaching Program
    Women with International marriage are having a hard time adapting in a different culture in Korea and the hardest would be parenting. Many children of interracial marriages tend to struggle. We teach those mothers how they should properly raise their children.

  • Various Event Activities
    We provide many opportunities to form an intimate relationship among families with a variety of programs on special days. We also have time to show off what they have learnt in Sunday academy.